Go To Market

We look at the challenges of globalization as opportunities for growth rather than threats. We believe that Emilia Romagna, with more than 300.000 SMEs, represents a unique business environment. We strive to promote increasing opening to internationalization as an opportunity to optimize the cost structure and reach wider markets.


When considering to penetrate a foreign market, we want to go beyond a simple legal and trade consultancy as the main barrier lies in the lack of knowledge of the local ways of doing business. In this belief, we want to position our office as a valuable bridge for local companies planning to go international as well as for foreign companies planning to enter the Italian market.

How we can help you?

Elaborate the right strategy to go international, directly or indirectly

Provide an insight of the local culture, politics, economical and financial situation, legal restrictions

Understand the local competition and reach the customers

Select the right partners and establish a solid supply chain network

We are currently looking for new partners to expand our network.

Our objective is to promote local and international mobility of factors of production, which we consider the key to unlock increasing opportunities for innovation and, ultimately, create value to the community.