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Today, the importance of being online cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, clear rules are controlling the new Web 2.0 paradigms: LISTENING, INTERACTION, SHARING are the keywords.
For the Companies world is a great advantage. With the right cautions, Web can be your window to your target and clients, an effective space for Company’s storytelling, a fast way to be known and recognized, increasing your reputation.
Studio Michele Magro can sustain and help you in developing your online communication, simply and effectively.


How can we help you?
CREATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WEB STRATEGY: Communication analysis: current situation; definition of strengths and weaknesses; competition analysis; definition of online and offline strategy. Support in the operating step.
SUPPORTING THE WEBSITE PLANNING: structure’s definition, studying the image, content editing.
DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS: setup and management. Google Adwords, Facebook ADS, the newest and effective methods to promote your activity.
SOCIAL NETWORK: creation of a communication strategy on social media, depending on the business idea to develop. Training and tutoring.
DIGITAL PR: word of mouth, online promotion with digital relationships. Press release, interaction with bloggers, influencers, community managers in order to improve Company’s network and to encourage a positive word of mouth.

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